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Flower Vitrine Limited Edition Polaroids by Rachel Smith


Choose Photo | Flower Vitrine No. 2


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  • Product Description

      “Flower Vitrine” – Limited Edition Dovetail Polaroid Series

       Still Life Images (No.1 - No.17)

      The flower vitrine is part of a polaroid project Rachel Smith started to address her need to slow down time. In her fast-paced, over-shooting, high-count digital photography jobs, the artist wanted to make something that takes time and enjoy the practice of patience while she waits for the image to appear. Essentially, she is stopping to smell the roses. She is leaving behind the mortal moment. The still lifes are left to make an impression and brighten the day, leaving an everlasting pop of beauty as the artist captures the essence of the dying flowers.

      Product Information

      The 17 Polaroids in this limited-edition series are sold individually. Each Polaroid is one-of-a-kind. Purchase one to cherish or use several to make a grid installation in your home. 


      10.5cm long, 8.75cm wide

      About the Artist

      Rachel Smith is a professional photographer in Chicago. Find her work at and on Instagram @rachelsmith.

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    • Variant: Flower Vitrine No. 2
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