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It Only Took 12 Years and a Global Pandemic

April 17 2020

It Only Took 12 Years and a Global Pandemic

It Only Took 12 Years and a Global Pandemic

I honestly can't believe I'm about to say this, but Dovetail has an e-commerce store after 12 years. All it took was a global pandemic to make it happen! Joking aside, I'm lucky to be able to say that for the past 12 years, my vintage shop has fully relied on in-store sales, and supplementary Instagram sales from my wonderful customers. I never wanted or intended to open an e-commerce store. The store is too small to set up a sweep (as seen in the photo); the one that's in there now basically takes up the entire store, which means I can't take product photographs and also be a functioning storefront. 

However, this crises has given me an opportunity to rise to this challenge, and I'm proud to say that I have. I'm not a web designer but I somehow made a website on my own. I'm not a photographer and I barely know how to use my camera but I figured it out. I'm definitely not a model but here I am modeling the clothing for sale. I guess that's what it means to own a business: you just figure it out, whatever "it" may be. Thank you for visiting this new page. Catch me here and on Instagram until we can safely meet again. 



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