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Podcasts We're Binging

May 15 2020 – Julie Ghatan

Podcasts We're Binging
Podcasts We're Binging

I don't know about you but I've been devouring podcasts during quarantine. I love waking up and putting on a podcast as I make my morning matcha latte and feed the cat. I just let them play while I make breakfast,  wash dishes, clean the house, shower, and my occasional quarantine commute to work. There are so many good ones out there and I know it can be daunting to narrow down the selection, so I'm going to share some of my favorites with you!


reply all podcast gimlet media

1. Reply AllBrought to us by Gimlet Media, hosts Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt take us on hilarious and banter-infused journeys as they find answers to some of the internet's most interesting micro-mysteries, like who's been Photoshopping UFOs into their Google Review images? Spoiler alert: they find him! You're guaranteed to laugh and learn something with each episode! 


heavyweight podcast

2. Heavyweight: Also from Gimlet Media (seriously they make great podcasts!), host Jonathan Goldstein serves as interlocutor to people trying to solve their own little interrelational mysteries. For example, Jonathan's friend Gregor has been holding a decades-long grudge against Moby for borrowing his cds and never giving them back, so Jonathan sets out to retrieve them. The show has so much heart and carries it gracefully with humor.  


3. Oh, Hello: the P'dcast: This podcast is RIDICULOUS. A customer suggested I listen to it and I'm so glad she did! I've been a fan of Nick Kroll and his Kroll Show for a while but I must admit, I did NOT like these two characters from the "Too Much Tuna" sketches. Somehow, they make one of the funniest podcasts I've heard. Like, crying laughing while listening funny. Hosts Gil Faizon (Nick Kroll) and George St. Geegland (John Mulaney) embark on what they think is a very unique quest to tell the story of Princess Diana's death, roping in a reluctant Ira Glass along the way.


this is love podcast

4. This is Love: Despite what the title may initially connote, this podcast isn't about romantic love; rather, it's about the all-consuming love felt for what drives a person. Host Phoebe Judge introduces us to fascinating topics-- like the history of the color blue, or the story of wolves in Yellowstone--and the people whose lives are consumed and uplifted by their intellectual passions. 


you're wrong about

5. You're Wrong About: This podcast is new to me and I can't stop listening to it! Hosts Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes are two journalists who analyze pop-culture's biggest news stories and present fresh, feminist-leaning, ultra-human (and often kinder) counterpoints to the mainstream narrative presented by sensationalist media. They even make Jessica Simpson sound interesting! I think that says a lot. 


6. Savage Lovecast: Dan Savage is basically the cool uncle slash arm chair therapist we all wish we had in our lives! There's never a dull moment on this podcast. Dan Savage offers humor and witty puns on every episode while delivering sage advice to some really interesting callers.


You Must Remember this podcast

7. You Must Remember This: If you have the inner strength to get past the distracting fact that host Karina Longworth over-enunciates her "T's", then you will love this podcast, which deep dives into the long-forgotten history of Hollywood's Golden Age. Learn about old film stars, scandals, and innovators who laid the foundation for the modern film industry.