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Vintage 1970s River Delta Tufted Art Rug by Cabin Craft



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      This rare, mint condition, hand-finished, 1970s tufted rug by Cabin Craft is truly one of a kind. The design of this rug is aptly named River Delta, as the rug evokes the natural curves and variations in color caused by the sediment carried by and deposited in deltas. The warm earth tones and multiple pile heights also conjure an array of additional natural elements, including the striations in banded red onyx, swirling sand dunes, and topographic maps. 

      From 1960 to 1980, Cabin Craft partnered with well-known artists and designers to produce their series of collectible art rugs. This versatile rug can hang on the wall (hooks included) or lay on the floor. It was purchased from the original owner who only displayed it on a wall so it has never been walked on. 


      4' x 6'


      This rug is in excellent condition! We purchased it from the home of the original owner, who had it hung on the wall and never had it on the floor. Hooks are included so you can enjoy the same versatility of display.


      76% Acrilan Acrylic, 24% Modacrylic

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