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Vintage "Computer Talk" Circular Puzzle



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      This challenging and beautiful vintage jigsaw puzzle is ready to consume a few productive hours of your life with 500 unique pieces of "Computer Talk" amid a soothing watercolor gradient. 

      Produced by Springbok, a maker of circular lithograph art puzzles, this jigsaw was designed in 1965 by John Waddington at the dawn of the computer age and the space age. The back of the box decodes the languages of computers: assembly system language, cobol, RCA N-2 type font, fortran, magnetic ink type font, punched paper tape, hollerith punched card code, stylus matrix printing, magnetic tape information, and binary code. The puzzle is based on the Spectra 70 "Language Wheel."

      As the box notes, "Without the computer, man could not hope to conquer space or to land on the moon." The copy on the box ends with a prediction that has come true: "The day may not be too far away when man can give computers spoken instructions and commands." To think about the moment in time when this puzzle was developed in 1965 and the innovation to come (a moon landing in 4 years and voice-commanded computers in the next century) just adds to the fun of completing the puzzle itself, which is an activity, an art piece, and a time capsule in one. 


      Puzzle is 20.25" in diameter  //  Box is 14.25" in diameter

      500 pieces, all included.


      Excellent vintage condition. Puzzle is in mint condition. Box is structurally sound with minor surface wear consistent with age. 


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