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Vintage Icelandic Wool Sweater



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      Vintage button-up Icelandic wool sweater. Nothing beats the quality and warmth of Icelandic wool. 


      Fits like a small/medium.

      Shoulders: 18” 
      Bust: 19” 
      Sleeves: 23” 
      Waist: 17.5” 
      Length: 25.5”


      Because Iceland is a remote island, its sheep have not mixed with other breeds for centuries. The combination of challenging environment and isolation from other breeds has resulted in a hardy stock of sheep whose wool has distinct qualities suited to Iceland’s weather conditions.

      The wool of Icelandic sheep is unique in that it contains two different types of hair that serve as a natural barrier from wet and cold weather. The outer layer is composed of coarse, long hair known in Icelandic as tog. The tough and fleecy tog is a water-resistant layer. Underneath the tog, there is a layer of short hair, known in Icelandic as þel. The softer þel layer keeps the sheep snug and warm even in the worst of weather conditions. If any moisture escapes through the water-resistant tog layer, the þel is able to keep the animal warm even when wet. These dual layers, when combined in knitted clothing, provide the same kind of protection for the human body, even in rain or snow.


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