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Crying Tiger Streetwear by Luciana Domenica Pacilli

February 18 2023

Crying Tiger Streetwear by Luciana Domenica Pacilli

Crying Tiger Streetwear by Luciana Domenica Pacilli

Local artist Luciana Domenica Pacilli is a triple threat: she’s a painter, musician, and singer; now she's expanded her visual/creative talents to clothing—hand-painted clothing, that is. On March 3, 2023, Dovetail will debut the launch of Luciana’s new unisex clothing line, named Crying Tiger Streetwear by Luciana Domenica Pacilli. This hand-painted line features one-of-a-kind upcycled clothing, denim, and accessories in inclusive sizes that Luciana has painted with designs inspired by the imagery found in her mom’s tattoo flash books.

Did I mention that Luciana is 12 years old?  A 7th grade student, Luciana has recently been the subject of online and in-person bullying by her classmates. Her artist mother, JB Gerolium, encouraged a distraught Luciana to channel her pain into her art, which is how Crying Tiger Streetwear was born.

Dovetail will not be taking a commission from Luciana’s work; store owner Julie Ghatan knows what it’s like to be a young, entrepreneurial creative kid experiencing bullying and wanted to give this bright girl a space to showcase her incredible art. Luciana will be donating a portion of her sales to the Iranian American Women Foundation, a nonprofit providing a platform for empowerment and networking among Iranian American women and to provide mentorship to younger generations of Iranians locally and globally.

Opening Reception: Friday March 3, 5-9pm; Trunk show continues March 4, 12-5pm; Please note: this is an 18+ event. Dovetail has lots of breakables and is not a great place for children. We're featuring a vary mature kid artist, yes, but this is not a kid event. Thanks for understanding.


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